Baseline Testing

Baseline Testing of AhtletesBaseline testing is completed for each athlete prior to the commencement of the season. The purpose of baseline testing is to determinehow the athlete normally thinks and includes memory, attention, reaction time, and any symptoms that she or he has. If a concussion is sustained during the season the athlete is retested and the results are compared to the baseline results. This will enable us to determine how the concussion has affected the athlete's thinking and when he or she is able to resume participation in athletic competition and, in the case of students, if school-based accommodations are needed.

During the baseline testing the athlete and/or parent will complete a demographic questionnaire that provides contactinformation and his or her medical and academic history.

This process requires approximately 1 hour to complete and may be done at the school or at the doctor's office.

Getting started

Here are some important guidelines to follow to make sure your ImPACT results are as accurate as possible:

  • All test-takers will need to sign a consent form in order to participate. Anyone under 18-years of age will require their parents' written permission in order to participate in baseline testing.
  • Follow the test instructions carefully. Missing key instructions or not giving the test your full attention will affect your results-ultimately affecting the length of time it takes to get you back to competition in the event of an injury.
  • If you have questions at any point during the evaluation or are unsure as to what to do, ask the examiner for assistance.

Here are some guidelines for running the online test smoothly from your computer:

  • If you are using a laptop computer, use an external mouse. Also do not run the laptop from the battery, you must use the A/C connection.
  • Close all other programs before starting the test. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, you will need to turn it off or temporarily allow pop-ups from the ImPACT site.
  • Make sure you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 and above or Firefox. The test is currently supported by these browsers.

Final tips:

  • Be honest and put in your best effort. Insufficient effort will be detected and may affect how soon you can return-to-play. This is a hard test. No one gets everything right, so don't get frustrated.
  • If you become confused about the directions, keep trying and fill out the survey at the end of the test to report any problems.
  • If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Rozenblatt at (866) 840-9790.

The computer results will be stored on a secure server and any documents will be maintained in a secure facility that will only be accessible by a neuropsychologist in a HIPAA-compliant setting.